Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Impending Holiday

I could easily do without the holidays - especially Thanksgiving. The best thing about Thanksgiving? Pie. The worst thing - figuring out where the hell I am going to have to eat said pie. After years of angst surrounding who's-cooking-do-I-have-to-go-there-OMG-just-give-me-some-pie, I had it down to a science - I make dinner, and pie, and if you'd like to eat something, stop on by. It was usually just Mom and I, and that suited me just fine.

But this year, I am a married woman, and my Mom doesn't live close by, and she doesn't host dinner because she lives in a tiny studio, and she's been invited someplace else, and, and, and. Dan is scheduled to see the kids that weekend, so I don't know that it makes sense to drive up on Thursday morning to eat with his family, drive home Thursday night, only to have to return on Saturday. Are you seeing through that crap? Are you? Yeah, I just simply don't want to. Yes, I meant to end my sentence there.

Later that night...

Talked to Dan, and he's fine with staying home. We'll go up over the weekend to see family, and for Thanksgiving we'll make dinner and pie(s) at our new home. We've both recently re-connected with old friends via Facebook, so I think we might send out an invite to those whose families are far away - that would be cool. If you're in the area and want pie, let me know!

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