Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleep perchance to dream?

Well, I am about to make a fairly major (for us) purchase - a new mattress.

I have not owned a truly new mattress in 10 years - and the last one I bought was a 100 dollar special (and queen size at that, so you can imagine the awesome quality). Since then, my mattresses have been hand-me-downs from friends, family, and freecycle. Our current freecycle mattress was just what Dan and I needed when we moved in together and I could no longer tolerate his pull-out couch, but the reality is that while it's very clean, it's seen better days and provides my fat ass with zero comfort.

You may have heard me metion once or 100 times that I do not sleep. I have not had eight uninterrupted hours of sleep in 20 years - no joke. The last time I had more than three hours sleep in a row, I was in surgery - no joke. Last night I slept for one hour when I went to bed, and two hours this morning. Most nights I wake up a minimum of three times, and if I am very lucky, I fall back to sleep quickly, but most nights I do not, and I lie awake cursing or crying out of exhaustion and frustration. What about drugs? you ask. They do nothing for me. I have tried everything from natural remedies to hard-core tranquilizers - they all put me out, but nothing makes me STAY out. It's maddening.

Lately, I find that I sleep a little better on the couch - which has a foam mattress. A while ago I went into a bedding store and tried one of the tempurpedic-type mattresses and about died - I could have fallen asleep instantly. But do you know what one of those things costs? A grand, if you're lucky, and I don't have a grand.

But tonight, it seems as if Ocean State Job Lot has come to my emotional rescue - their tempurfake-ic mattresses are 30% off, meaning if we live on Ramen for the next two weeks, I could by not only a queen, but a KING! And they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so I think this is a win-win. And if a new mattress helps my insomnia even a little bit, I will persoanlly make-out with every single member of the NASA team who helped create this wonder material.

So, dear internet friends - queen or king? A king means I will have to buy new bedding (but I love new sheets so, whatever) and that the bed will take up more of the room - but it also means I don't have to touch my darling husband unless I want to (I like space when I sleep). I think a queen "looks" better, and I wont have to get new sheets or another boxspring.... What do you think? Anyone ever bought a king and regretted it?


SUEB0B said...

Hey, just get a normal priced mattress and a faux tempur 3 or 4 inch topper. That way you save money and can get a new top whenever you need it . See what a genius I am?

I am big on the king, but I haaaaate to be touched while I am sleeping. Because then I AM NOT SLEEPING, I am lying there awake listening to someone else sleep.

Megan said...

I adore my knock-off tempurpedic mattress but alas, do not sleep on it due to the size. A double mattress plus two humans and two dogs? Think not. So we sleep on the crappy regular queen mattress and I have to wait until I'm sick to head to the guest room to partake (in the guise of not wanting to infect Amy... I'm so nice that way.)

I'd say try the queen and see how it works during the 30-day period. If it's too small, return it and go for the king. And enjoy! :)

Suzanne said...

Going through this same thing myself, although I do stay asleep for the most part once I fall asleep. Regardless, my tossing and turning bothers Husband, and he wants a tempurpedic mattress thing. I suggested we try a king. Let me know how it works.