Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I got nothing

So THIS is why I haven't blogged in months - nothing even remotely interesting going on in my life.

OK, Simon, my new dog, is a riot, and so cute I can barely stand it.

And, Doris, the house ghost, has been very active - she's stolen a roll of sports tape and my new mini-mouse (for my work laptop) this week alone. Items that I KNOW are in the house, but that we cannot find no matter how hard we look. Right this very minute she is turning my printer off and on. Seriously, the printer is going ballistic, and there is no reason for it - the connections are stable, and it's hooked up to the same power source as the computer, which is running just fine. This is my own fault - just a few days ago, Dan mentioned that she had been "quiet," so I said, out loud, "Doris! Are you still here? We haven't heard from you," and now my stuff is going missing and Simon barks and growls at the sun porch constantly, which is where Doris lives.


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