Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year - Again

It's one am, and I am, surprise surprise, wide awake! Dan is, naturally, asleep.

Tonight we were talking about last NYE, and the fact that neither of us could remember what we did. I looked it up on the old blog, and found that I was alone that night as Dan had to work both jobs that evening - no wonder we couldn't remember.

We had a very windy snow storm today, so I closed the library early and spent the day at home with Dan. We basically watched tv, cleaned up the house a bit, and had a fabulous steak dinner - we are animals! We were in bed by 11, but stayed awake until midnight, at which point he passed out cold. I would give my right arm to be able to sleep like he does.

So, nothing exciting going on here, just the normal wishes for the coming year. This year certainly has been full - I've had more going on this past year than in the last 5 combined, it seems. And while much of it has been wonderful, there's been plenty of stress. But the stressful parts are improving, and come spring I will be able to shrug off my horrible winter anxiety (my nerves have been awful this winter - the worst they've been in quite some time). I'm fully looking forward to summer in this beautiful (albeit sadly provincial) place.

One thing - no posted resolutions this year (you know what they are anyway - say it with me - "lose weight!" "stop worrying!") - oh wait, I just posted them....

Happy New Year, friends!

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