Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow, I can't even keep the resolution I made to not make resolutions - so I obviously suck at this.

I was just reading last year's list to see how I did. Lose weight? Nope. Eat less? Nope. Catalog all the books I own? Ha, not even close. Chill the hell out? Uh uh. Take more pictures? Just the opposite. Now, in my defense, I DID get a better job, and that was on the list. But that whole process pretty much blew the rest of the list out of the water. Oh, well.

So, without re-stating the obvious, I guess this year I would just like to be as happy in my life as a whole as I am in my private life with Dan. I'm hoping to make a friend here, because I feel the lack of female companionship almost daily. I would like the work situation to continue to improve (I do have high expectations for this). And I would really like to either find another hobby to devote some time to, or get back into geocaching on a regular basis.

The other stuff? Well, it'll either happen or it won't. Twenty years of vowing to lose weight hasn't done any good, so maybe it's just time to let some of my resolutions go.

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